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Wineau at Castello di Brolio

The Old Wineau is Iain Calder.  He is a semiconductor physicist by day, but after nightfall he morphs into The Old Wineau, a passionate lover of good wine and food.  Iain is a qualified sommelier and was Canada’s Wine Taster of the Year back sometime in the Dark Ages.  He lives in Ontario, Canada; hence the unhealthy preoccupation with the LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario), the monopoly that controls all wine and spirit sales in the province.

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One thought on “About The Old Wineau

  1. Greetings Iain – a pleasure sitting opposite you at Rob and Kathryn’s wedding reception at Panorama BC. Have read and thoroughly enjoyed your blogs at the http://www.wineau.ca address you gave me.
    I share you views on the problems with Provincial (LCBO) monopolies. We have the same problem here in BC – however we are fortunate to be able to pop over to Banff and Calgary to access a huge wine market. (Note: recently the BC Govt. rescinded a law that once restricted the ‘importation’ of wine/liquor over the Alberta/BC border)
    Enjoyed meeting you. Cheers
    Andy (Stuart-Hill) BC Marriage Commissioner (South African ex-pat)

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